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At our drug rehab center, you’ll begin your time with us by answer a number of questions about your history of substance abuse. These questions will cover topics like your substance of choice, the first time you engaged in substance abuse, the duration of substance abuse, and your daily usage habits. In addition to these and other questions about your personal substance abuse, you’ll also be asked questions that may see like they do not apply to the subject at hand. For example, you might be asked about any history of substance abuse your family has had, or about some personal experiences that you had when you were just beginning to become entrenched in addiction. Rest assured, this spectrum of questions is essential in order to learn a number of essential variables about you and your history with substances.

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All of these details are so important because they will be used to construct your customized addiction recovery plan. This plan may have some similar elements to the plans that some of your peers in the addiction recovery center are working from, but it will be personalized to fit your individual needs, so that you get the effective and efficient treatment that you deserve. At our drug rehab center, we do not limit ourselves to more traditional methods of therapeutic care. While we do provide many of these types of treatments, such as individual therapy (which involves meeting with a counsellor on an individual basis) and group therapy (where you’ll meet with a number of your peers in order to share your experiences and wisdom).


However, we will also provide you with a number of less traditional methods of treatment, if those will prove to be more effective in your treatment. These can include holistic treatments, such as yoga, horseback riding, and art therapy.


This means that you’ll always be assured that your treatment has been demonstrated to deliver results.


You may think that some of these types of treatment sound as though they would not prove effective, but rest assured, at our drug rehab center, we provide only treatments that have been demonstrated to be effective in evidence-based research.


That’s because we provide each of our clients with an aftercare schedule for treatment. Just like every other treatment plan you’ll be provided with while you’re at our drug addiction treatment center, this one will be customized to suit your individual needs and responsibilities.


When you graduate from our addiction recovery program, you’ll never need to wonder about whether or not you’ll still have support as you maintain your recovery.


And you’ll recognize that our drug rehab center will continue to be by your side throughout every stage of recovery!

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